Paint Overspray Removal Services

At Paint Overspray Removal International Services, we provide the following overspray removal services to major insurance companies, paint contractors or individuals:


Protective & Marine Coating Products

Polyurethane foam insulation

Iron Oxides & Brake Dust

Auto trim & molding restoration

Cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters, fire & rescue vehicles

Hard water stain removal from vehicles, office glass

Any airborne contaminants & chemical emissions  


Our unique overspray paint removal services approach includes:


• Onsite overspray claims management — This eliminates the need for any car rental costs.  We handle the overspray claim from start to finish so that you do not have to deal with the insurance company.  We also provide a 24-hour toll free line to answer any questions about our overspray removal process and service. ­


Fast and efficient mobile service — Our mobile service can be dispatched anywhere in the United Stateswithin 24 hours, and out of the country within 48 hours. 


• Video documentationWe provide video documentation of pre-existing damage and repairs done.  This is essential for insurance purposes and legal matters.  Demonstration videos upon request.


So how much does it cost?

The cost of overspray paint removal varies, depending on the extent of damage and the claim.


However, basic cost is roughly: $150 - $400 


Multi-car discounts are available.  We charge a flat rate, which means no additional charges for SUVs.  **Unless you have very few vehicles, location is never a factor.


For questions about our overspray removal process or to talk directly with an overspray removal specialist, give us a call: 877-715-5663 or send us an e-mail: 

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