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An international industrial paint overspray removal company, we are one of the premier companies in the industry.  With more than 20 years of hands on experience in all types of overspray damage and claims management. We have four 3-man crews that can be dispatched anywhere in the USA within 24 hours and internationally within 48 hours.  We provide photo ID's to the customers so that our employees can be identified before they arrive on the job site.  

Our reputation speaks for itself, because we have always been able to repair any type of paint damage, overspray damage, or chemical fallout, no matter how bad it is. We have repaired thousands of vehicles and saved insurance companies millions of dollars. That’s why we are ranked so high on the Internet listings for overspray paint removal. Out of thousands of demonstration videos, you’ll find ours listed first and foremost.  Take a moment to search for “paint overspray removal companies" under the “videos” category on Google, Yahoo and Bing and judge for yourself.

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No other company has ever been able to duplicate our work in over 20 years of being in business.  This simply means that other companies cannot offer the types of services demonstated in our videos.   

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Specializing in Industrial Paint Overspray and Claims Management

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